Tribord Universe



Elusive and changeable, the sea has always fascinated the human being. With the help of the wind, driven by the desire to explore and escape, the greatest sailors ventured over seas and oceans.


Tribord is composed of individuals, passionate about sport and their professions, gathered around a common project to make sailing accessible to all and share the pleasure of sailing with you.

Our desire is to innovate every day by creating simple, intuitive and technical products, in order to make the pleasure of sailing as enjoyable as possible for all levels of practice.

Tribord Universe


The Decathlon's brand, Tribord, whose design center has been located in the Basque Country (Hendaye) since 1997, is now exclusively dedicated to sailing sports: cruising, regatta and dinghy.

The new graphic identity is supported by the logo, it represents a boat sail made of 3 slats that embody the 3 sports in a symbolic way.

Tribord Universe

The Tribord team

Our team is made of engineers, designers, prototypists and modelist, they are driven by the will to innovate every day by creating simple and intuitive products, facilitating the practice in order to make as many people as possible enjoying the pleasure of sailing !


The Watersport center is the largest water sports shop in the area. With its 2000 m2 area reserved exclusively for water sports, close to Hendaye beach, the Watersport Center offers a wide range of products necessary to live your passion !

Hendaye, a site surrounded by water, not far from Spain, the world center of design is established in a historic place that once housed the old auction of the fishing port of Hendaye. Its implantation, facilitates life-size testing, so every day the bay is transformed into a veritable open-air laboratory.

Tribord Universe


A common passion that brings together all sailors around 3 distinct sports : cruising, regatta and dinghy sailing.


Welcome to the biggest open space of the world !

It is in Hendaye, in the bay of Txingudi on the Basque coast, that our teams conceive the products of tomorrow, closer to the users and their needs. For us every little detail can make the difference, and it is only here in the water that we can ensure the reliability of our products.

Tribord Universe