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Comment choisir la taille de sa planche de surf

Don’t bother looking – you’ll never find THE board you need as, in actual fact, you’ll need SEVERAL boards suited to you, depending on the conditions. There’s a whole host of factors involved in choosing your surfboard.

Comment sont fabriqués les produits sports de vagues

Come and see how our team of fanatics feed on waves to develop products to improve your surfing, bodyboarding and even skimboarding experience.

Welcome to the world’s biggest open-space office: the ocean.

how to choose your surfing wetsuit

It’s great surfing in swim shorts. But sooner or later, when the water temperature drops, it’ll be time to hang up the board shorts and crack out the wetsuit. Nevertheless, when you haven’t been surfing in a long while, choosing a wetsuit is no simple matter. There are all sorts of criteria to take into account.


Tribord products are designed for all watersports aficionados

Wave and wind sports (Surfing, Bodyboarding and Windsurfing), underwater sports (snorkelling, scuba diving and spear-hunting), as well as sailing (yachting, dinghy sailing and catamaran sailing), and finally paddle sports (Stand Up Paddle and kayaking), Tribord aims to be close to its users.

At TRIBORD we believe that sport is the best way to enjoy the sea. Discover our innovative and technical products developed in Hendaye, in our world design centre, in direct contact with the water. Check out all our advice, tips and buyers' guides for even more fun on the water.