Anaïs, hendaye

Anaïs could have been ambassador for many a sport, but she never thought it'd be sailing!Born in the Hautes-Pyrénées, her childhood was spent between hills and valleys - mountains are a part of who she is:skiing, snowboarding, trail running, canyoning, climbing; she tried every mountain sport she could.But for all that, sailing is what takes up most of her time today.

Anaïs, hendaye

Anaïs, ambassadrice Tribord

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A sports lover in general, she knew she would get to learn all about the joys of sailing when she started her Tribord internship: a new sport, new sensations, a different kind of pleasure. She never thought a little bet made during her first sailing experience would carry so many consequences:and the end of her 6-month internship, she'd have to be able to sail solo!

But she isn’t alone, and with the whole Tribord team behind her she's sure she can do it. Through different episodes of an aptly named web series: "6 months to sail solo" she’ll let you follow along as she learns how to sail, and hopes you’ll fall in love with sailing the way she did.

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My first time out on a sailing boad


Find out how I ended up in Hendaye for my end-of-studies internship with Tribord. I never set foot on a sailing boad, and only a few times on a motor boat - so, are you ready to join me on my new adventure?



No more choice!Now that I bet I’d solo sail in six months, I have to stick to it.For my first sailing lesson, Julien had a surprise for me...and what a surprise - a lesson on a light sailing boad!