Warning: after reading this article, you will get an irresistible urge to spend your holidays on the water or to live on a sailboat.

7 things you learn during your sailing trip

Warning: after reading this article, you will get an irresistible urge to spend your holidays on the water or to live on a sailboat. This condition—benign but very contagious—does not require any treatment, we recommend that you listen to it!

1) You will become an organisational mastermind

Nothing will ever scare you again, not even helping your hoarder cousin and her 1354 trinkets move house. Going on a sailing trip requires organisational skills: do the shopping, pack your bag, stow everything in the yacht cabin, prepare everything you need to make food, plan your route, don't forget anything on board, etc. The list is long but if you manage to organise a sailing trip without forgetting anything (absolutely nothing) then maybe you can plan our colleague's hen do as well then, no problem!


And that's a promise! Bring a good book, a card game, your phone to Instagram your blogger life, a swimsuit, fishing gear and your best jokes... and if one of your friends has the audacity to mutter a nonchalant "I'm bored", knock them out with your book. That last tip is not the official Tribord line, it's the editorial team's rebellion. In any case, we have to admit something: you will spend most of your time sleeping. Oh yes, the sun, the wind and the sea air really take it out of our little landlubber bodies, so make the most of your trip to enjoy a few guilt-free naps and lie-ins!

You will never get bored during a sailing trip

3) You will discover incredible people

Close proximity, there's no better way to bring people together! Being in a confined space 24/7 with no real way to escape can really reveal your true nature. You will discover the unbearable flaws of your good friend Marc but you will continue to love him for his amazing cooking skills. On the flip side, you will become great friends with Marc's girlfriend whom you had previously found a little awkward. All yacht sailors agree: life on board brings you closer together!


We know what you are going to say, you can pat your head with one hand and rub your tummy with the other, first of all, congratulations, but hold your horses, we can go one better! Nothing like a boat bathroom to combine your routine: have a wee, wash your teeth and shower all at the same time, it can be done! The only risk would be rinsing your mouth out in the wrong bowl, but after scouring the nautical unfortunate events of the last 30 years, we can reassure you: less than 0.1% of the sailing community has made this mistake according to reliable sources.

You will discover incredible people

5) You will experience 4 seasons in one day

OK, maybe we are exaggerating a bit, you won't find yourself humming Christmas carols in July but you might be surprised by the variation in temperature you will experience in a single day. You will be able to get out your best shorts for the day or even your bikini/trunks (to expose your rock-hard abs that you have been working on for the occasion) to take a dip and cool off. Throughout the day, you will adopt the onion technique of gradually adding layers and end up wrapped in a sailing jacket that comes up above your ears. A nautical proverb even states that "it is better to have too many layers than not enough"... Words of wisdom!


With your enchanting voice and your unwavering vibrato, the siren song will no longer be a myth. "I am sailing...", "sail away, sail away, sail away...", do you get our drift? We can bet: on a yacht you will be singing "somewhere beyond the sea" 6 times an hour! According to our calculations and provided that you can hold your rhythm that works out at 144 times in 24 hours, or 438 sweet melodies in 3 days. We are no experts but 3 days of non-stop singing without sleep is a bit tiring (especially for the others). Before you are thrown overboard by your crew, consider keeping the serenading to a minimum because, as it turns out, sirens are not always all that captivating.

The gifts of nature: dolphins off the coast of Les Sables-d'Olonne

7) Nature will give you unbelievable gifts

Seriously, you will see sunrises and sunsets to make the number of followers on your Instagram account explode with the #sunset hashtag. The colours, the atmosphere and the perfection of nature means you will not need any filters to buzz on social networks. And if you are really, really lucky, you will get the chance to meet lots of new underwater friends at sail or at anchor. We have just one tip for you: enjoy the moment, your followers can wait.

We know, it's not easy after finding out all of this not to book your next holiday on a sailboat. If you want to contact us for us to help you snap out of it then we are sorry to inform you that we are unavailable at this time. Happy sailing!

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