Wairgo buoyancy vest

Our paddle sport innovations

Wairgo buoyancy vest

Instantly inflates and deflates

Our paddle sport innovations

50 N instantly inflatable and deflatable buoyancy vest. Allowing full freedom of movement and complete safety in all of your paddle sports.

Today, there isn’t a proper buoyancy vest made for people who stand-up paddleboard, windsurf, kitesurf or sail*. Traditional foam vests are fairly unsuitable for these sports, as they restrict movement because of their thickness and are therefore rarely worn. The Tribord design teams set themselves the challenge of developing an innovative buoyancy aid that wouldn’t inhibit movement when practising these sports.

Double système de gonflage à la demande
User-controlled dual inflation system The vest can be inflated by mouth in just three breaths by using the small tube by the collar. In an emergency, there is another option: inflate the vest instantly by pulling the handle to activate a CO2 cartridge. The artridge releases 6 litres of compressed air in 2 seconds. NB: the cartridge must be replaced after every use.

Deflation in just one move
The vest can be deflated in just a few seconds by pulling the easily reachable cord on the back. Once it has been pulled, the air is emptied via a valve that allows the vest to be inflated and reinflated at will, and instantly.

Safety and freedom of movement
Thanks to its patented air storage system, the Wairgo vest is particularly ergonomic, offering complete freedom of movement when paddling. Both lightweight (600 g) and comfortable, it’s a vest you can put on and then completely forget about.

50 Newton standard
The Wairgo vest has been rigorously tested in the lab and meets the CE 50 N buoyancy standard (EN ISO 12402-5).

*except in competition

Inflating the vest:
Blow into the tube

Pull the handle

Emergency inflation:
Pull the cord to activate
the CO2 gas cartridge

Main fabric: 94.0% Polyamide, 6.0% Neoprene
Inner fabric: 100.0% Polyamide

4 sizes are available: S, M, L, XL


Recommended retail price:

Photos of the Wairgo vest

The Wairgo film

50 N instantly inflatable and deflatable buoyancy vest
either by mouth or using the gas cartridge.

Tribord Product Manager

The Wairgo life vest is the first 50 N buoyancy aid from Tribord that can be inflated and deflated
at will. Thanks to its compactness, you’ll forget you’re wearing it when kayaking or stand-up paddleboarding.
Not only that, but it provides an extra level of safety by being inflatable both by mouth and instant gas cartridge.

Paddle Sports Product Manager

Product design

  • 1. User observations

  • 2. Design prototyping

  • 3. Finished design prototyping

  • 4. Design testing

  • 5. Real-world testing

  • 6. Initial drawings

  • 7. Product designs

  • 8. Discussion with engineer on mass manufacturing of product

  • 9. Line adjustment on initial prototypes

  • 10. Selection of materials/colours

  • 11. Prototyping of final samples


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