S500 Women's Dinghy/Catamaran Sailing Anorak - Green/Coral

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Key feature
Windproof and waterproof, this anorak offers effective protection against the elements and ensures your freedom of movement when sailing. The ideal jacket with its shoulder pocket and glove storage!

User benefits

Fabric counters the windchill effect up to 50 km/h (force 6/7).
Fabric can withstand 3 hours of steady rain. Fully taped seams.
Freedom of movement
Loose fit adjustable at the waistband (neoprene), neck and cuffs using rip-tabs.
Breathable fabric to limit condensation.
Quick drying
Water repellent fabric that dries quickly (water slides off the fabric).
1 zipped shoulder pocket, size of a shackle spanner, with holes to drain water.
Resistance to salt water
Fabrics and accessories resistant to salt water.
Ease of use
SIZE MARKINGS: inside markings for visibility when inside out or with neck open.


Main fabric : 100.0% Polyamide (PA) Yoke : 100.0% Rubber - Chloroprene (CR) - Neoprene
Developed and tested by our design teams in Hendaye, France. Tested for training and yacht racing by the 47°Nautik sailing school (Gulf of Morbihan, Brittany - France) during the 2016 season.
made for
regular dinghy/catamaran sailing in cool and cold weather (light sailing)
2 years


Storage Tips
Once dry, store on a hanger or folded. After use, rinse with fresh water to remove salt that could deteriorate the rip-tabs and the zips. Do not dry directly on heat sources (such as a radiator).


WATERPROOFING of the Tribord S500 dinghy/catamaran sailing anorak:
This windproof anorak was laboratory tested under a shower of 100 litres of water / m² / hour for 3 hours, which corresponds to a steady downpour of rain. This test demonstrates that the water does not pass through either the sealed seams or the fabric. The adjustments and fabrics at the extremities (neck, waistband and cuffs) prevent water getting in while in a static position and greatly reduce it during physical exertion.
Adjustments of the Tribord S500 dinghy/catamaran sailing anorak: NECK FASTENING
The neck with its stretch fabrics can be adjusted in 2 ways: * closing the half zip with its pull tab, positioning the "wallet-like” pleat inside the waterproof fabric (depending on the shape of your neck, it is recommended to tuck in the fabric with your hand to avoid folds) * closing the smooth outer fabric with the rip-tab.
Adjustments of the Tribord S500 dinghy/catamaran sailing anorak: WAISTBAND AND WRISTS
For more waterproofing, less wind entry and greater freedom of movement: * the belt is made of stretch neoprene, adjustable by two rip-tabs positioned on the right and left of the waistband * the cuffs are made of a flexible and waterproof stretch fabric, adjustable by a rip-tab (for small wrists, the fineness of the fabric enables a clean fold).
Glove storage in the Tribord S500 dinghy/catamaran sailing jacket:
There are two small fabric straps sewn on each side of the neoprene waistband. They are for hanging or attaching mittens or gloves (hanging mittens or gloves by their rip-tabs), so as to not get in the way before or after practice.
Shoulder pocket of the Tribord S500 dinghy/catamaran sailing anorak:
The size of the shoulder pocket was designed so as not to be cumbersome or too heavy in order to not hinder manoeuvres or movement. Its design and tests were carried out with a standard size sailing knife, a line and a snack (2 cereal bars). The contents remain stable in the pocket and remain accessible.

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