Our values


The water sports brand: set a course for fun for all!

Founded in 1996, Tribord is the "passion brand" of the Oxylane group for water sports (Sailing, Kayaking, Diving, Boardsports).

Our intention is to make water sports safe and enjoyable, and accessible to as many people as possible

The sea is mankind's original environment. It is beautiful, plentiful and a source of pleasure and emotion.


Being in contact with water gives everyone the chance to awaken their senses and recharge their batteries.


At TRIBORD, we believe that sport is the best way to get the greatest number of people to encounter this fantastic water playground.


Active encounters that we try to facilitate every day by developing technical products with our users that allow everyone to get the most out of being in the water, in total safety.


Observing users boosts the development of TRIBORD products - that's why our teams are based in Hendaye, as close as possible to where our favourite sports are taking place.


From our base camp, located in the idyllic surroundings of TXINGUDI bay, we work hard to develop the best solutions to meet the needs of our users, with a focus on guaranteeing that each TRIBORD product features the best of our know-how and creativity at the best price.


Here, each and every one of our team members' lives revolve around a passion for their job and their sport; from sailing and surf sports, to diving and paddle sports, we are out there all year round on the beautiful Basque coast.


Our desire is to make you want to "get back in the water" as often as possible, in all seasons, in all places, in all weathers.