LJ150N AIR Adult Inflatable Sailing Life Jacket With Harness

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Key feature
The shape of this inflatable life jacket provides good freedom of movement while sailing. Accessories: built-in harness, crotch strap, promoting safety at sea.

User benefits

Standard EN ISO 12402-3, 150 N. UML system activates upon contact with water.
Inner bladder: Bright Orange.
Freedom of movement
Exclusive, patented ergonomic cut to free your movements.
Ease of use
Built-in harness complies with EN ISO 12401. Crotch strap.
Easy opening / closing
Zipped outer cover makes it easier to fold.


Main fabric : 100.0% Polyester (PES)
Approved by
Our technical partner, Tanguy De Lamotte, professional skipper, provided his expertise for this life jacket. He approved the zip closure of the outer cover, which prevents it from getting caught on lifelines, as well as the presence of the crotch strap. Finally, he recommends that all users attach themselves to the boat as often as possible, hence the choice of the integrated harness.
made for
intensive offshore sailors.
2 years
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Care instructions
Before and after prolonged storage, check expiration date of the system (maximum 2 years) and of the gas cartridge (maximum 5 years). The 2 lights (manual and automatic inflation) should be green. The cartridge must not be pierced. See. user guide and video at Tribord.com Re-arming kit reference: 8303768. CO₂ canister reference: 8303767
Storage Tips
To avoid unexpected inflation during storage, unscrew the gas canister and the inflation system; store in a dry place away from sunlight.


Automatic inflation system
When dropped in water, the salt bobbin dissolves instantly, releasing the firing pin which pierces the canister of compressed CO₂. This allows the bladder to inflate in only a few seconds. To re-arm the life jacket: - deflate it using the back of the pipette cap. - fold in the bladder and zip up the textile cover. Change the cartridge and the salt bobbin following the instructions from the re-arming kit: 8303768
Tips for resetting the life jacket.
Follow the order of installation instructions carefully: 1. Replacing the salt bobbin 2. Replacing the CO₂ cartridge If you do not follow this order of installation, there is a risk of hitting the new cartridge in the case where the trigger system for the salt bobbin has been used previously.
Expiry dates
WARNING: The dates present on the CO₂ cartridge and the salt bobbin have different meanings: salt bobbin = expiry date. The bobbin must be replaced when this date is exceeded CO₂ cartridge = date of manufacture. The cartridge must be replaced 5 years after this date.