Inflatable windsurf board 320L suitable for learning how to windsurf.

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Key feature
Easy to carry, easy to use! Very stable inflatable board, perfect for leaning to windsurf and stand up paddle.

Products benefits

Compact design
Inflatable transportable windsurf board. Can also be used as a Stand Up Paddle
Ease of use
Stable inflatable board with a lot of volume – perfect for beginners.
Easy assembly / dismantling
Quick assembly removable centre and rear fins
Thickness 15 cm = 6″. Centre fin making it easier to go upwind.
Easy transport
Supplied in a backpack carry bag with pump.


Outside Shell - Main fabric : 100.0% Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) - Phtalate free Inside Shell - Main fabric : 100.0% Polyester (PES)
Designed and tested by our teams in Hendaye (France) at the Tribord global design centre. This allows us to design products in contact with users.
Designed to :
beginner or recreational windsurfers looking for a stable board that is very easy to carry
2 years


Storage Tips
Store the board in its bag. Store in a dry place away from direct light

Additional information

Compact design
Inflatable windsurf board that can also be used as a stand up paddle board. Easy to transport thanks to "Drop Stitch" technology. The multi-filament structure of the board ensures good rigidity after inflation. This provides you with a lightweight and very rigid inflatable board that can be carried in a backpack. Inflation time: approximately 5 minutes
The Tribord inflatable windsurf board has a removable centre fin and an integrated mast base rail. 1. Stand-up-paddle mode: remove the centre fin for stand up paddle use (the board also has a ring at the tail for attaching a leash) 2. Windsurfing mode: install the centre fin which makes it easier to manoeuvre and lift the sail in the wind. Attach the rig using the universal rail.
Board dimensions
Height: 335 cm / 11' Width: 81 cm / 32" Thickness: 15 cm / 6" Volume: 320 litres Bag dimensions: 90 cm x 46 cm x 22 cm Centre fin: 33.8 cm Rear fin: 21 cm Max. windsurfer weight: 170 kg
Inflatable windsurf board supplied with a pump. Recommended inflation: 15 psi To inflate, check that the valve screw is unscrewed. To deflate the windsurf board, push the screw into the valve and turn it to the right.
Universal mast base rail
The Tribord inflatable windsurf board has a universal mast base rail for attaching a standard mast base. Fits all mast bases on the market. Insert the plate into the rail with the brass square, adjust the position and screw to tighten. The rail is built into the board and installation is the same as for any windsurf board on the market.
Removable rear and centre fins
The centre and rear fins feature a quick assembly and removal system so you don't need to use any tools. Unclip to remove the centre and rear fins
Carry handle
The Tribord windsurf / stand up paddle board has a central handle to make it easy to carry to the practice area