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Conseil de stand up paddle

Stand Up Paddle

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Yacht sailing

Conseil pour débutant de dériveur et catamaran


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Scuba diving

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Comment préparer son surftrip en Indonésie

It's true - more and more surfers are heading to Indonesia to try out the waves. But they also need to follow a number of precautions that we're going to tell you about now.

Comment choisir son équipement de surf pour l'hiver

Are you mad? Well, no, not at all. You can go surfing when the air temperature is below zero but 10°C in the water!

Utiliser et entretenir son masque Easybreath

Watch the video on how to keep an Easybreath®

To take full advantage of the Easybreath® experience in the long term, here are some tips and some advice on how best to use your snorkelling mask.

snorkeling buoyancy

Everything’s ready in terms of the essential items (Fins, Mask, Snorkel)? Well done, it’s a good start. But when you jump into the water for a long snorkeling session, the thought goes through your mind that it would be so much easier if you could float without making any effort!

sun protection snorkeling

After waiting so long to go on holiday it’s time to go – at last. But...make sure you don’t forget to put your towel, cap, sunglasses, mask and fins in your swimming bag... Have you got everything? Anti-UV tops and sun cream must also be on your list for snorkelling outings!

children snorkeling

"Taking advantage of the beach with all the family" often means swimming, building sandcastles and tracking down shells … … So how can you vary this programme when your children are too young to try water sports? Well, have you thought about snorkelling? A snorkel, mask, fins and a few precautions are enough to let the whole family enjoy this sporting and educational activity.

Discover how to help your learner divers enjoy their first attempt at snorkelling …

How choosing your snorkelling kit

Choosing your snorkelling kit is required for a good practice of this sport or more security when you are snorkeling in the ocean.

logo padi

PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors), founded in America, is the world’s leading diving training organisation. This company trains people for different leisure diving levels. The qualifications are valid throughout the world.