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Dina Body-Shaping Women’s One Piece With Wide Straps And X Back - Black

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Key feature
Women's one piece swimsuit; body-shaping and easy to put on thanks to its 50% elastane component. Closed back, straight neckline and wide crossed straps. No visible seams

User benefits

Closed back, straight neckline and wide straps
Chest support
Specific component with great structuring properties
Specific component made from 50% elastane for a natural body-shaping effect
Quick drying
The polymer-based component helps it dry quickly
Environmental impact
Life cycle comparison: Women's one-piece swimsuit


Swimsuit type
One-piece swimsuit
X-shaped cross back - straight neckline
Main fabric : 50.0% Elastane, 50.0% Polyamide (PA) Lining : 93.0% Polyamide (PA), 7.0% Elastane
This product has been field-tested in Hendaye and has been subjected to numerous laboratory tests to guarantee the quality of use for which it was designed: tests on the fabric's elasticity and strength, colour-fastness when rubbed, washed, exposed to sea water, chlorinated water and light, and tests on the product's overall performance after repeated washing.
made for
leisure watersports.
2 years


Restrictions on use
Not recommended for regular use in chlorinated water


Body shape
With its elegant cut, wide crossed straps at the back and finish without visible seams, the DINA swimsuit is the ally of all women wishing to perfect their silhouette. Its specific component made from a 50% elastane material gives it a natural body-shaping effect whilst remaining easy to put on. This swimsuit is designed for the beach and its water-based activities. It is suitable for all body shapes.
Reduced lifespan in a chlorinated environment
The main component of the DINA swimsuit is made of 50% elastane, which disintegrates after repeated exposure to chlorine. In general, most swimsuits are made from no more than 20% elastane. The lifespan of the DINA swimsuit will therefore be reduced if it used exclusively in a chlorinated environment.
One-piece swimsuit for the beach
The one-piece swimsuit is now giving the bikini a run for its money on the beach. For those who wish to conceal their curves or pregnancy stretch marks, those seeking coverage or support, or those who appreciate the simple elegance of a one-piece, Tribord has created a collection of swimsuits especially designed for water sports. We have designed these models to be comfortable and fit nicely.
A feeling of comfort or a "second-skin" effect
This swimsuit knows how to make itself discreet, by perfectly following your curves. You will feel confident and at one with your body in this swimsuit that offers total comfort and a feeling of well-being.
Score to compare the environmental impact of products
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