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Why submit a review




Our customers find reviews helpful when choosing products, as they allow them to read about other people’s experiences.
But writing one might seem like a waste of time, whether it’s positive or negative...

The opposite couldn’t be more true. We go through every review posted every single week.

For a product manager, a positive review is a real source of pride. Knowing that a user is pleased with a product, that’s what we’re trying to achieve.

Similarly, if a review is negative, it is important not only that we respond to the customer but also that we make any necessary changes to the product.

This is exactly what happened with our kayak paddle.


Reviews in products conception

 Cause of a great deal of dissatisfaction because of users getting regularly splashed, we needed to act quickly to resolve the issue.

We decided to take another look at the blades.
After the meeting, our engineer went straight to the workshop to work on the paddle.
We then began the testing phase in the Bay of Txingudi, just outside our offices.
To compare the original version with the updated one.
Naturally, the new version was approved.
And this is the one that is now in the shops.
We were really happy to see the rating go up from 3.3 to 4.5.
So please keep posting your reviews online. They really are very important for us.
We use them every day to improve our products.

With every stroke of the paddle, you get a trickle of water.
The grooves in the paddle fill with water and you get soaked.


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