la conception des produits sports de voile hendaye



Welcome to the world’s biggest Open Space working environment.

Facing the wind, just a few minutes from our own special world: the sea. 
And it’s here in Hendaye that we design all our products. Day in, day out our Product Managers and designers give full rein to their ideas.
Every day our engineers, including prototype specialists, let their creativity run free. Our Test Engineers take to the water with a view to enhancing the, innovations of tomorrow .

Being as near to the sea as possible enables us to be close to our products and consequently your passion. A passion that we constantly strive to cater for thanks to the help of sportsmen and women who are well-known and widely acknowledged for the role they play in the design of our products.

We see them as a guarantee of quality and a highly valuable source of technical input for our teams.

Welcome to Hendaye, welcome to the Tribord workshop.

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