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The wind window

The wind or kite flying window is the space in which you can fly your kite. It is shaped like a quarter sphere in front of the kite flyer who has the wind behind him.

La fenêtre du vent


1. Have you got the time?

Between 12 and 4pm, there are large amounts of UV, and so far more risks. If your shadow is smaller than you when you are standing up, do not expose yourself to the sun too much. Wear a rash vest top and a high factor suncream (30 to 40).

Faire un noeud tête d'alouette en cerf-volant

The lark's head is used to tie the lines of kite quickly.

Comment bien comprendre le vent

The natural wind element, essential to flying the kite, can be dangerous if the flyer does not understand it properly.