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comment faire sécher sa combinaison néoprène en hiver

How can you dry out your neoprene wetsuit by tomorrow? If you do not have two neoprene wetsuits, if your tiny flat does not have a balcony and if you shiver at the very idea of slipping into a freezing wetsuit, then these tips are just for you!


Winter has arrived on the Atlantic Coast. In fact, just as we’re making it to the spot, the idea that goes through our minds is “hoo’d be without a hood?”! But, actually, what are the benefits of wearing a hood?
Edouard, our Neoprene Product Manager, explains everything about surfing hoods you need to know [...]

Pourquoi septembre est-il le meilleur mois pour surfer

September is thought by many surfers to be the best month for surfing in the UK.
But why September? What are the advantages of autumnal surfing? Here is the answer in 5 parts!


Are you looking for a sun shelter in anticipation of another hot summer? Your choice will depend on sun protection, the durability of materials and the wind resistance of your parasol.

How to choose your bodyboard?

The choice of bodyboard is made according to your ability level, but it must also take account of your build and be based on the size-weight ratio.


Bodyboarding is an aquatic sport that is accessible to everyone. It is an extremely simple activity that can give you a first taste of sliding sports.

Tribord, be successfull in your surf trip

With the water getting cooler, and your outlook, like the weather, much greyer, your memories of summer do nothing but rub salt into the wound.
You're even planning on getting out of the wardrobe your 4/3, which has had plenty of time to dry, and your bitterness while you're at it.

Les 10 consignes pour surfer en sécurité

Surfing’s a sport that provides sensations no other sport can match so it’s hardly surprising that more and more people are trying their hand at it.

Surf et localisme : ce qu’il faut savoir

Between urban legends and accounts, varying in their factual content, you must have heard of it. If not, here’s a guide designed to help you if, unfortunately, you experience localism. It’s worth knowing the precautions to take in order to avoid a hostile reaction from “locals”.