Tips for putting on your wetsuit


Tip 1: Use a plastic bag to put your wetsuit on

When you put your leg into your wetsuit, your foot gets stuck, particularly your heel? It's no use pulling: neoprene is designed to resist!

You have to be crafty! Slide your foot into a plastic bag beforehand. Then, have a try: put your leg into your wetsuit . . . Your whole foot comes out without getting stuck. Just let it slide, just like your surfboard!

Do the same with the other leg, then the upper limbs if necessary.


Tip 2: Blow to make it easier for your arms to enter your wetsuit

Once you have put your wetsuit on, you want to be able to adjust it so as to be perfectly at ease and completely free to move.

Ask someone to help you and ask them to blow into your sleeve, from the wrist. The air inflates the inside of the neoprene wetsuit and instantly unsticks it from your skin. You can then make the final adjustments easily.

Complement your diving suit with a maskflippers and boots. And now you're free to explore the seabed!

When you come back, do not forget to read our tips for cleaning your neoprene wetsuit.

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