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The points of sail: This refers to the position of your boat in relation to the wind.
During your first time out on the water, this is what you will start learning: The points of sail. The point of sail is the position of your boat relative to the wind, and each uses different sail positions.
The 3-layer system when sailing
The 3-Layer System is well-known, and applies to many sports, particularly sailing.This method uses different layers of clothing to respond to different needs as well as the weather conditions you sail in.
Learning to sail
Starting a new sport is never easy! Should I join a club? Will I need special equipment? Here are a few tips to get you started sailing.
Backstage at the shoot Sailing with Tribord
Every Tribord shoot is an adventure in itself that combines business and pleasure. Our goal? To return to the office with the best possible photos and videos for the 2019 collection!