Lutter contre la buée dans son masque de plongée

How to prevent your diving mask from fogging up?


Tips to prevent your diving mask from fogging up

First of all, give your diving mask a good clean. This is essential to avoid fogging. And this is necessary even if your mask is new!

Indeed, between the time it was manufactured and the time you bought it, your mask has accumulated bacteria, dust, etc. on the lens. These particles will contribute to fogging.

Clean the lens before using the mask, and then repeat the cleaning regularly every time you go diving. This is your guarantee to fog-free diving.

Simple cleaning of your diving mask

Owen, Tribord product manager, shows you how to carry out a simple cleaning operation, without a sponge, with just a degreasing wash liquid.

And to make sure the product cleans all corners of your mask, let it soak for 12 hours in soapy water. Next, rinse it with hot water and leave to dry.

You are now ready to explore the sea bed!



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