Comment choisir la taille de son masque EASYBREATH

How to choose the size of your EASYBREATH® mask


To make the most of your EASYBREATH®, it is essential to choose a size that is suited to the shape and size of your head. An EASYBREATH® which is too small will not provide an optimal level of comfort; an EASYBREATH® which is too big could result in water getting into the mask.
The EASYBREATH® is offered in 3 ADULT sizes which cover 90% of men's and women's faces throughout the world (European, Asian, etc.) and 1 clildren size :
- the children size mask, generally for childen : XS

- the small size adult mask, generally for women and teenagers: S/M

- the medium size adult mask : M/L

- the large size adult mask, generally for men: L/XL

1. Choose the size of your TRIBORD EASYBREATH® in a DECATHLON store :

The best thing is to try on both sizes in your nearest store. Once the mask has been tightened to fit against your face, if there is no gap between your chin and the silicone skirt, then it is your size.



2. Choose the size of your TRIBORD EASYBREATH® at home :

If you cannot get to a store, you can order your EASYBREATH® on the internet (, here is how to choose the right size:

With your mouth closed, measure the distance between the bridge of your nose and the bottom of your chin:



size easybreath

If it measures less than 10 cm (3,9"), choose size XS

If it measures between 10 cm (3,9") and 12 cm (4 3/4"), choose size S/M

If it measures between 12 cm  (4 3/4") and 13 cm (5,1")  choose size M/L

If it measures more than 13 cm (4 3/4"), choose size L/XL



When you receive your Easybreath, put it on to check that there is no gap between the bottom of the mask and your chin. (see video above)

A children's EASYBREATH® is now available.

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EASYBREATH® - Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

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EASYBREATH® - Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

1. What precautions should I take with my Easybreath®?

One thing to look out for: SAND.
- As for your sunglasses, avoid letting your Easybreath® come into contact with sand. Sand scratches the window of your mask.

4.70 / 5 115 ratings
    4.70 / 5 115 ratings