choose the right snorkelling set

How to choose the right snorkelling set


Have you experienced the pleasures of underwater exploration and want to get your own snorkelling gear? A snorkelling set is an excellent solution for beginners as well as for experienced snorkelers looking to replace ageing gear. Snorkelling sets contain the three essential items for this sport: a mask so you can see underwater, a snorkel for breathing and fins to swim quickly.

It makes sense when you think about it: Tribord snorkelling sets are easier to buy and move around without restricting you to a “one size fits all” scenario. There’s a snorkelling set for each type of snorkeller!


Different snorkelling sets


When choosing their snorkelling set, beginners and children tend to look for a simple snorkelling set made up of a snorkel, short fins and a mask with a large field of vision. This trio has been designed for users to discover snorkelling and swimming on the surface.

For people who don’t like wearing fins there are snorkelling sets without fins, which you can complete with a pair of aquashoes.

People having already acquired experience of snorkelling can start directly with the R’GOMOOVE snorkelling set. It comprises offset blade fins, perfect for helping your glide through the waves. This set’s ideal for adult snorkellers who plan to use the gear in a more intensive manner.


Do you now feel comfortable in the sea and perhaps even have experience of freediving or scuba diving? In that case, go for a higher-level snorkelling set. The Tribord Caraïbes 500 model comprises:

-a mask with a flexible and hypoallergenic silicone skirt designed to improve comfort and watertightness;

-a snorkel with purge chambers and wave deflectors;

-more powerful fins designed for regular and intensive use.


Different diving masks

Easybreath snorkelling mask

Easybreath snorkelling mask


If you’re a snorkelling beginner, there’s a product not included in our snorkelling sets but which is highly relevant: the Easybreath face mask, designed by the Tribord teams for pure snorkelling.

This mask stands out from the rest thanks to its shape and functionalities; with this mask you breathe through your mouth “and” nose. What’s more, the mask has a large field of vision and an anti-fogging system. And this, without ever losing your snorkel, as it’s built into the mask!

Attractive features that are very popular with children and beginners put off by snorkels: everything becomes easier when you put your head under the water being able to breathe just as easily as when you’re above the surface!

There’s just one limit - you can’t dive with an Easybreath mask. Hence the attraction, after a while, of stepping up to a standard scuba diving mask, included in the Tribord snorkeling sets!


Snorkelling diving masks

Diving masks are just as suitable for snorkelling as for scuba diving and recreational freediving.

When buying your snorkelling kit, check you can easily pinch your nostrils to be able to perform the Valsalva when descending while benefiting from an unobstructed field of vision.


Next, choose from among the many features of the masks to choose the diving mask that suits you best:

-single or double-material skirt, transparent or black;

-single or twin lens mask;

-coloured or black mask;

-frame or frameless;

-fabric or silicon strap, etc.

Do you only do freediving? In that case, choose a specific mask for this activity: double-pane, dark for camouflage and small volumes in order to limit mask squeeze and loss of air.


Snorkelling set snorkels

Equipment of a snorkeling kit


The snorkel in your snorkelling kit must be very bright to enable other people in the sea to see you in the water and know where you at any time.

Conversely, a freediving snorkel will tend to be black and compact to help you get close up to the fish.

Discover the Tribord recommendations to help you choose your snorkel, then compare models with a simple shape or fitted with purge chambers and wave deflectors, rigid or fairly flexible that can fit in a packet of your BDC.


Snorkelling set fins

For snorkelling, best go for flexible and light fins. Some a little more rigid and solid, are stronger and more versatile and enable you to move towards a more intensive or even diversified activity.

Colours, flexibility, fabric and shape (full foot fins or not) will all impact your choice of diving fins.

But a constant will guide you: the longer and more rigid your fins, the more powerful they will be but they will require greater efforts on your part!


Looking after your snorkelling set

For a long-lasting snorkelling kit, remember to do the following things: rinse with clean water after each dive, dry in the shade and put away in a cool, dark and dry place!

Now you’ve got the key components of your snorkelling gear you’re ready to discover the amazing underwater world!

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