Comment bien utiliser et entretenir votre masque EASYBREATH

How best to use and clean your EASYBREATH mask?


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To take full advantage of the Easybreath® experience in the long term, here are some tips and some advice on how best to use your snorkelling mask.


Avoid leaving your Easybreath® mask in the sand

As is the case of sunglasses, the Easybreath® mask must not be left in direct contact with grains of sand. There is a risk that they will scratch the lens of your mask and reduce visibility in the water.


In the same way, do not apply force when clipping the snorkel on if you feel the grains of sand are causing resistance. Simply rinse your Easybreath® snorkel and your snorkelling mask before clipping them together.

Tip: the sand can also block the float in the snorkel. Remember to check this point before going out snorkelling! Rinse the snorkel energetically. If this does not suffice, put a key through the aerations at the back of the snorkel. This simple action unblocks the float—then you just have to rinse your snorkel to eliminate the sand.


Rinse and wash your Easybreath®

To guarantee the effectiveness and the comfort of your Easybreath® mask in the long term, wash it by hand with a little wash product. Clean your mask once a week if you use it regularly. Then, put it away in its aerated net so that it dries and is stored in the best possible conditions.

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How to choose the size of your EASYBREATH® mask

To make the most of your EASYBREATH®, it is essential to choose a size that is suited to the shape and size of your head. An EASYBREATH® which is too small will not provide an optimal level of comfort; an EASYBREATH® which is too big could result in water getting into the mask.

EASYBREATH® - Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

1. What precautions should I take with my Easybreath®?

One thing to look out for: SAND.
- As for your sunglasses, avoid letting your Easybreath® come into contact with sand. Sand scratches the window of your mask.

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    4.70 / 5 115 ratings