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Winter is here... And so are the wind and the cold! And yet lots of people are still getting out on their yachts in winter. How do they keep the cold away? What secrets do those who stay on deck in every season know?
The dog days of summer are here, and boating is on the rise. Whether by yacht or sail boat, get out and reap the benefits of the sea air, the sun, and the summer heat! But in these dream conditions, there are a few precautions to take, particularly concerning sun protection. 
Choosing your sailing jacket and salopettes
It is important to choose the right sailing clothing to stay dry, protect yourself from the wind and cold, be able to move properly and also ensure your safety.
Inflatable life jacket
Your life jacket is your best friend on the water!It’s important to know how to maintain and store it so that you stay safe and don’t damage it prematurely.
Why you should wear a life jacket
Whether inflatable or foam, a life jacket keeps you safe; when out at sea, as peaceful as it is, you must always wear your life jacket.
The 5 safety habits to have at sea
We've got 5 simple but crucial habits to keep you safe and sea and ensure you use and wear your life jacket correctly.