Tribord Sailing Vest


It is important to choose the right sailing jacket and salopettes to stay dry, protect yourself from the wind and cold, be able to move properly and also ensure your safety. The choice of your clothing will depend on different criteria: the desired benefits and the type of sailing, which is specific to each person.


Tribord 900 Outfit

Your clothing will differ according to your practice: So whether you are cruising or yacht racing, be sure to have a suitable outfit. 


During a race you will sweat, so it is important for the components of your outfit to be breathable. For this practice, the recommended outfit is sailing salopettes and a smock, for good protection against the wind and to keep the water out. A smock is specially designed to be waterproof and keep you dry throughout your races; it also frees you up to perform the various necessary manoeuvres - hoisting and lowering the spinnaker, tacking, etc.



Cruising, whether for short or long periods, demands much less effort than a race: your clothing should not only be breathable, but protective as well. The recommended clothing for this practice is an outfit composed of salopettes (just like for racing) and a sailing jacket. A sailing jacket has a high collar and is longer than a smock, for more comfort on deck. 


choosing your sailing jacket and salopettes

There are two key points when it comes to choosing a comfortable outfit. The criteria are essentially the same for cruising and yacht racing. 

1. Waterproof clothing

To ensure your comfort at sea, Tribord teams work daily to improve the waterproofing and water repellency of sailing products. This is the first user benefit of an outfit: keeping you dry whatever the weather conditions. Sailing salopettes, jackets and smocks are designed to stay waterproof for 20 hours or more in the rain.


2. Breathable materials

Sailing remains a sport, and during the various manoeuvres you will need to perform you will most likely get hot or even sweaty, hence the importance of wearing breathable clothing. Our cruising and racing outfits all feature a hydrophilic waterproof membrane that is also breathable since it lets water vapour pass from the inside to the outside. Our technical outer layers are also lined with a particularly breathable inner fabric. 


Choosing your sailing jacket and salopettes

For your equipment to last as long as possible, you need to make sure it is capable of withstanding the use that you are going to make of it. 

1. Wear

The practice of sailing often requires you to be in a sitting position or with your knees on the ground. These areas—the seat and the knees—of your outfit must be reinforced. The repeated wear of these target areas causes premature deterioration of your equipment. Tribord's yacht sailing salopettes have three layers of fabric on these susceptible parts for longer wear resistance. This is also the case for the bottom of the Ocean 900 sailing jacket, which is reinforced in the same way because it is exposed to wear.


2. Salt water resistance

Clothing in general does not like salt water, so at Tribord we have created outfits designed to withstand salt water. The sailing outfit membranes are specially treated to prevent them from deteriorating quickly under the effects of sea salt. Also, the zips of our equipment are designed not to seize up with salt since we use injected plastic zips.