The choice of the forward foot when surfing



Why is the choice of the forward foot important on a surfboard?

In order to surf you need to have good balance on your surfboard.

And just as when you’re walking, your stability is often reinforced by resting on one foot rather than the other.

Find out which is your "good foot": this may facilitate your progress in surfing!

Vocabulary for beginner surfers

If a surfer places his or her right foot at the front of the board, we say that he has a “goofy” stance.

If the surfer put his or her left foot at the front, the surfer has a “regular” stance.

A simple test to find out your surfing front foot



To determine which foot you will use spontaneously, do the following test: stand up with your feet together and your body upright. Close your eyes. Relax.

Ask someone you know to push you in the back, quite hard so that you fall forward.

See how you react—the leg that you put forward to stop yourself from falling will be your front foot on your surfboard!

So what is it, goofy or regular?

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