The 3-Layer System is well-known, and applies to many sports, and sailing in particular.The be sure to never be too hot or cold and to stay dry, just follow this foolproof system. This method uses different layers of clothing to respond to different needs as well as the weather conditions you sail in.


Choosing a specialised first layer is important, as it must meet different needs:keeping you warm and dry.It's the most important part of your outfit, as it will ensure you stay comfortable and are never cold.Why? A specialised first layer ensures the evacuation of perspiration and quick drying; these products are referred to as "breathable":you won't stay wet after a challenging gybe if you have right layer!When it's cool out, the quick-dry aspect of your clothing will keep you from catching cold.To take on winter, some first layers provide both breathability and warmth, which is the case when wool is added to the mix.

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The second layer should be warm and comfortable, in cool weather it should act as insulation against the cold.Second layers are also designed to be breathable, but never as much as a first layer. Be sensible when exerting yourself, as your second layer will not be up to the task if you perspire a lot, and you risk feeling damp even with a specialised first layer.The advantage of this layering system is that you can add and remove layers as needed. Always keep yourself as comfortable as possible in your, clothes!

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The third and final layer should protect you from the elements: waterproof and windproof, it should be suited to the elements you expect to encounter.In case of rain or high winds, be sure your third layer is designed to keep water out and is completely waterproof.The objective?Keeping dry, comfortable, and warm in your clothes!To evaluate how well your jacket will hold up against wind and rain, think about::

- how you'll be using it:year-round sailing, occasional sailing but sometimes in rain, mainly fine-weather sailing requiring only windproofing ;

- its cut: keeping water out at the wrists and neck, full collar, jacket length

- its seams:seam reinforcement inside the jacket with a waterproof strip will make the item 100% waterproof, even in harsh conditions.


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Never again be taken by surprise on the water and be ready to face any temperature by assembling a sailing outfit suited to your activity and the weather conditions.The list of products offered here is not exhaustive; find all of our Tribord products on our website.