500 g flexible ankle weight

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Key feature
This ankle weight distributes the weighting over your entire body. Your legs are kept on the seabed and remain visible at all times thanks to the brightly coloured weights.
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User benefits

This weight keeps your ankles on the seabed for greater stealth underwater.
The colour means that other divers can see you. Weights sold individually.


Filling : 100.0% Lead Lining : 100.0% Rubber - Chloroprene (CR) - Neoprene Upper Part - Main Fabric : 100.0% Polyamide (PA)
made for
for spear fishing and SCUBA diving.
2 years


Care instructions
salt water resistant. Rinse with fresh water before prolonged storage.
Storage Tips
Store in a dry place away from direct sunlight.
Restrictions on use
Sold individually.


Ankle weights
Like harnesses, ankle weights improve the comfort of spear fishing divers. They make for a more efficient kick by keeping the fins underwater and make it easier to fish from a hide.
How to choose your weighting?
The weighting should allow you to compensate for the effect that the wetsuit has on your buoyancy. When choosing your weighting, take your weight, your body volume, the thickness of your wetsuit and the depth at which you intend to dive into consideration. The characteristics of the footwear and the equipment also influence the weighting, so no single rule can be applied to everyone.

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    24 November 2016
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    Only 1 weight provided
    Product is fine but only 1 ankle weight provided I expected 2 ankle weights - would anyone want 1

    Should be more clear than only 1 ankle weight is provided. It is mentioned in the detailed description but requires careful reading.