• RCLIC 120 Stunt Kite - Blue
  • RCLIC 120 Stunt Kite - Blue
  • RCLIC 120 Stunt Kite - Blue
  • RCLIC 120 Stunt Kite - Blue
  • RCLIC 120 Stunt Kite - Blue
  • RCLIC 120 Stunt Kite - Blue

RCLIC 120 Stunt Kite - Blue

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Key feature
A very durable kite, with no stress assembly! Easy handling, ideal for discovering how to fly a kite.

User benefits

Easy assembly / dismantling
The RClic system allows for one-step assembly.
Hard-wearing 4 mm fibreglass frame. With reinforced nose.
For wind speeds from 2.5 to 5 Bf (9 to 40 km/h).
The flexibility of its frame gives good responsiveness.


Frame : 100.0% Glass - Fibre (FG) Main fabric : 100.0% Polyester (PES)
Test lab terrain
Designed and tested by our teams in Hendaye, France. The Tribord global design centre is located on the banks of the Bidassoa river in Hendaye. This allows us to design products in contact with users and in the marine environment.
made for
discover the pleasure of the single string and stunt kite, from 8 years of age.
2 years


Storage Tips
Wind the lines around the handle Store carefully in its bag.
Restrictions on use
Do not use in a storm or near high voltage power lines.


Steering handles
Two steering handles are included to manoeuvre the kite. Pull on both lines at once to raise or lift off the kite. Pull on the right handle to steer the kite to the right, and the left to steer it to the left.
<iframe width="500" height="281" src="//www.youtube.com/embed/Err_Pz0IkR0" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
Rclic assembly system
Assembles in one step thanks to the RCLIC system. Pull down the central rods, then clip them to the centre of the kite.
Wingspan: 120 cm Supplied with two handles and a 25 metre line.
DOWNLOAD the full user guide here <a href="http://www.tribord.com/user_guides/8306390-user-guide-rclic120.pdf" target="_blank"></a>
Find the advice guide on the Tribord.com website!
<iframe width="500" height="281" src="//www.youtube.com/embed/BWANnjDWD9k" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
Distribution of ratings
  • Fun four hours
    12 Jul 2016
    - -

    We got this kite for my stepson to steer him away from the consoles. He grunted at first, but after the first few attempts loved this kite. The instructions are clear and you can feel the solidness of the make. We have had kites in the past that despite following instructions, have buckled under the pressure of strong wind, or just twisted and snapped. This kite is durable and so easy to control :)

  • Great design but we couldn't get it to fly
    7 Sep 2015
    one click design is fantastic too responsive

    We so wanted this to be fantastic but on a windy day on the beach in Scotland we seemed to be the only family who couldn't get our kite to stay in the air (and so of course we're blaming the kite). It just seemed too responsive and apt to loop the loop, which was exciting for about 5 seconds, before crashing to the ground. Might be brilliant in steady wind, perhaps it was just too blustery? But then why was everyone else's kites happily flying away? We'll persevere...

    Brand's answer :

    Dear H,

    Thanks for your message. Sorry that the kite hasn't performed as you wish, it is true that they can be more difficult to control in very windy conditions. This particular kite is designed for winds of up to 40km/hr, anything over that and it starts to be quite hard to control. 
    If you would like to return or exchange the kite for a slightly larger/more technical model (which are suitable for greater wind speeds), then please don't hesitate to contact your nearest Decathlon store or via the online process.
    Ross Farrington Market Manager DECATHLON

  • Very sensitive to fly
    24 Apr 2015
    small, easy to put together and use very hard to keep the kite in the air

    Is a stunt kite and it wants to spin. With a blustery wind, the kite spins very easily and is then hard to control (unwinding the spin and getting height). Not recommended for smaller children or inexperienced flyers

    Brand's answer :

    Dear Nav,

    Thanks for your message and feedback on the Rclic 120 Kite. The kite is one of the smallest and lightest in our range of acrobatic kites and intended for use by beginners in relatively calm to moderate conditions (windspeed below 40km/hr).  I will of course pass your comments on to the product design team in France.
    If you aren't happy with the performance of the product please do return it to your nearest store or via the online process for an exchange (perhaps a larger model) or a full refund.
    Ross Farrington Market Manager DECATHLON

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