• New 4L Container
  • New 4L Container
  • New 4L Container
  • New 4L Container
  • New 4L Container

New 4L Container

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Key feature
This 4L container keeps your personal belongings dry and has grips for secure fastening!

User benefits

Ease of use
Wide opening for easy access to contents.
Easy transport
Lid with carry handle.


Water resistant
Waterproof products
4L to 16L
Structure : 100.0% Polyethylene High Density (HDPE)
made for
keep your belongings dry when practising water sports in rainy or damp conditions.
2 years


Care instructions
Close the cover to ensure watertightness. Periodically check that the container is still watertight: place a paper towel inside, close the bag, then immerse in water. If the paper stays dry, the container is still watertight. To avoid residual damp, place a paper towel in the container during use.
Storage Tips
Do not sit on the container.
Restrictions on use
Do not put electronic devices directly into the container.


Precaution for electronic devices
Electronic devices are fragile and expensive. Double protection is necessary by putting telephones in watertight bags inside the container.
Technical dimensions
Height: 19.4 cm External diameter: 19 cm Opening diameter: 12 cm Usable volume: 4 L Empty weight: 324 g
Distribution of ratings
  • Waterproof biscuit barrel
    9 Aug 2015
    Keeps loads of biscuits dry. Could do with a substantial securing point

    I use the barrel on boats so the young people I work with have rewards and a quick energy boost. I secure it with a tight strap. From my point of view a substantial eye on the body allowing it to be secured by a shackle would be good.

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