• DG500 junior dinghy/catamaran full wetsuit 3 mm neoprene

DG500 junior dinghy/catamaran full wetsuit 3 mm neoprene

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Key feature
This full wetsuit helps reduce the feeling of cold thanks to its thickness and efficient seams. The freedom of movement provided by the stretch neoprene makes it easier to manoeuvre on board!

User benefits

Thermal insulation
3 mm neoprene.Stitch bonded seam assembly to keep water out.
Abrasion resistance
Strengthened anti-abrasion knees and seat to help prevent wear and tearing.
Freedom of movement
Cut adapted to the hiking position making it easier to move your arms.
User comfort
Double thickness on the knees.


8 to 14 years.
Foam : 90.0% Rubber - Chloroprene (CR) - Neoprene, 10.0% Polyamide (PA)
Test lab terrain
To design this model, members of the CMHT sailing club, located close to the Tribord design centre, used this full wetsuit from October to April, twice a week. This has enabled us to check its resistance over time.
made for
occasional or regular junior dinghy/catamaran sailors in cold weather conditions.
2 years


Care instructions
Store in a dry place away from direct sunlight.
Storage Tips
Prior to long-term storage, rinse with fresh water (to remove salt that could deteriorate the neoprene and damage the zips). Dry and store away from direct sunlight.Do not dry directly on a radiator.
Distribution of ratings
  • Great wetsuit
    4 Jul 2015
    Thick material, ok for North Sea in May!! Can't get him out of the sea !, he's too warm

    We had previously bought cheap wetsuits from local shop for summer but my boy was always out of the water shivering after 10 minutes . In this wetsuit I can't get him out of the water, his swimming and boogy boarding have come on well , his skin was boiling when he got out, but he didn't seem to mind .

  • Tribord wetsuit perfect for sailing
    25 May 2014
    Warmth, quality, design (reinforced patches) Extension cord on zip is too short

    A great wetsuit, fantastic value for money, but with a longer extension cord on the zip, my son would be completely independent when trying to put this wetsuit on. Otherwise I can't think of any improvements.

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