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Conseils pour entretenir son matériel de plongée

Stefano, Tribord’s diving product manager, is a fanatical diver. In a series of videos, he offers his maintenance advice, which aims to extend the service life of your diving equipment.

Entretenir son parachute de plongée

As for all your diving equipment, your surface marker buoy must be appropriately maintained if you want to keep it in the best possible condition.

In the water, the cold becomes a diver’s most common foe. Below a certain temperature, it becomes a real nuisance and even a handicap to dive in cold water.
To counter this unpleasant sensation, it is recommended to use dive socks or boots. This equipment gives your feet maximum insulation from the cold. 


Regular maintenance and servicing of your diving regulator is essential to ensure that you dive safely.
This maintenance includes tasks that must be carried out after each diving sessions, and also servicing to be carried out every year by a professional. Here are the details.

Pourquoi plonger en combinaison semi-étanche

Designed for cold water (10°C to 18°C, semi-watertight diving suits are based on the same principle as wetsuit. But unlike traditional 2-piece suits, the water circulation is very limited.
The water is not renewed and therefore less energy is wasted.