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entrainement kayak hiver piscine

Winter is here and you’re naturally telling yourself that it’s time to stop kayaking and switch to a sport more suitable for the season… Down with these received notions! You can kayak all year round:
- outside, for motivated kayakers who are equipped and ready for the cold;
equipment for winter kayaking
- inside, for those sensitive to the cold, who’ll prefer the warm waters of indoor pools!

fix and take care kayak

Rigid kayaks made from plastic (polyethylene or PE) are renowned for their robustness and durability. But, depending on where you take to the water, the hull might have some scratches of varying depth.

Why choose an inflatable kayak?

The warm weather is coming and perhaps you've got the itch to get out on the water? Do you dream of going kayaking with family or friends independently? Perhaps the bulk and transport difficulties of a hardshell kayak rule it out for you? Have you thought about inflatable kayaks and the opportunities they offer? Here's a Tribord feature on these new crafts.


It's great to feel the sun on your back, but of course you need to protect your eyes and skin from its harmful effects.
A good sunscreen should protect you from 100% of UV rays. What about choosing the right pair of sunglasses?


It can happen to the best of us! Inflatable kayaks may well be solid and made of durable material, but they can still puncture on occasion. That said, nothing is set in stone in the world of sea kayaks, and there are a thousand and one tricks you can use to reduce risk.
So when you go all out and puncture a side section, there's nothing to worry about. Whether patching it or changing the chamber, repairing an inflatable kayak is a breeze.

La protection solaire en kayak, tribord

In summer, you’re planning to go sea kayaking with a beautiful blue sky and magnificent sun above you... However, a word of warning: whether you’re kayaking at sea or in a river, when you’re first exposed to the sun, throughout the summer, you run the risk of sunburn or sunstroke. Even if it’s cloudy!

kayak gérer son effort

Sea kayaking is mostly a leisure activity, an expedition of one or more days with family and friends. However, there's a real endurance aspect, and it may be worth your while getting the lowdown on some sports nutrition and energy management.
A few tips to help you paddle for longer and more effectively can't do any harm, right?