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Les conseils de la SNSM sur les grandes traversées en voile

The Société Nationale de Sauvetage en Mer (SNSM or National Lifeboat Institution) is a French charity that exists to save people in distress at sea or near the coast, on a voluntary basis. Its principle resources come from contributions made by the general public and by private partners.
Sea and coastal rescue constitutes the main activity of the SNSM. However, the organisation is also involved in training new generations of rescuers as well as raising awareness among people of the risks related to the sea. For more information click here!
To make sure you are confident when you leave for a long sea crossing or a regatta in a sailing boat, we remind you, with the help of the SNSM, of the information that you should be aware of. Ready?


It's great to feel the sun on your back, but of course you need to protect your eyes and skin from its harmful effects.
A good sunscreen should protect you from 100% of UV rays. What about choosing the right pair of sunglasses?

sailing sun protection

Summer sailing, the fresh sea breeze, the sun and the summer heat… Paradise, in other words! If everything seems to fall into place to have a great time out in the open sea make sure you don’t underestimate your sun protection on the boat.
Using good practices and equipment designed to filter the UVs, you need to plan ahead to make sure you don’t end up looking like a tomato or experience the infamous “heat exhaustion”!

Discovering sailing

The main parts of a dinghy

Le dériveur

          1- centreboard

          2- rudder blade

          3- tiller

          4- block

          5- sheet

          6- boom

          7- telltales

          8- stringer

Dinghy/catamaran safety

Some advice to be sure you follow:

- Wear a life jacket which complies to the CE EN393 or CE EN395 standards in all weather conditions.

The wind window

The wind or kite flying window is the space in which you can fly your kite. It is shaped like a quarter sphere in front of the kite flyer who has the wind behind him.

La fenêtre du vent