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Well choose his diving suit

In order to fight the cold, choosing the right diving suit from among the different models and knowing how to take care of it is important.

how to choose your aquashoes

You can walk in water with aquashoes or water shoes. Discover our recommendations concerning your choice of shoes and how to look after them.

comment choisir son kayak Tribord

Summer’s here and it’s time to buy a craft to enjoy the joys of sailing whenever you feel like it. ask the right questions to ensure you choose the best kayak for your needs.

snorkling i säkerhet med Tribord

To be safe there snorkeling there are some safety regulations to avoid the unforeseen, discover our advice of preventions.

surfboard right choice

Choosing the right surfboard is vital if you’re going to improve quickly and enjoy the learning process. Especially when you’re a beginner!

Comment éviter le mal de mer en bateau

Whether you’re a beginner or professional skipper, seasickness makes no distinction. Skipper Tanguy De Lamotte, who is taking part in the Vendée Globe, admitted to us that even he sometimes suffers from this illness. Your sailing ability, then, makes no difference whatsoever. Here are a few tips for making sure that your stomach doesn’t start churning.

Pratiquer le kayak en piscine

Winter is here and you’re naturally telling yourself that it’s time to stop kayaking and switch to a sport more suitable for the season… Down with these received notions! You can kayak all year round:
- outside, for motivated kayakers who are equipped and ready for the cold;
equipment for winter kayaking
- inside, for those sensitive to the cold, who’ll prefer the warm waters of indoor pools!

fix and take care kayak

Rigid kayaks made from plastic (polyethylene or PE) are renowned for their robustness and durability. But, depending on where you take to the water, the hull might have some scratches of varying depth.